AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software – AIMS RemoteLink – Feature Update

The latest update of the AIMS RemoteLink’ iPad app includes a useful shopping cart feature that allows for easier order tracking.  As you add orders using the AIMS RemoteLink order taking app, you will see a number at the top right corner of “Cart”, which will indicate the number of items that are being ordered.  Simply scroll through your look book, select an item, add it to your cart, swipe to scroll to the next color or new item you want and select “Add to Order”, and you will see the number increase in your cart.  The good thing is that you can select the quantities for each item in the cart after you are done selecting what the customer would like to order.




AIMS RemoteLink is the leading order taking app for Sales Reps and Showrooms that are on the go.  From trade shows to any off-site location around the globe, AIMS RemoteLink is your solution.

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