AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software is in the Cloud… What Does That Mean for You?

AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software is in the Cloud

There is all sorts of talk about in the “Cloud” from software, computer, telecommunications and other technology providers. What does this really mean for you? In a nutshell, AIMS360 Cloud based software means that you do not need to have an IT server infrastructure in place at your business location. Instead, you can access your software and data in the Cloud using any internet connected device (Windows, Mac, iPad, etc.). AIMS360 offers Cloud software for a fraction of the cost of what it would be for building an on-site server infrastructure, allowing you to focus on more important things. Based on your needs, you can scale your service options up/down quickly and effortlessly.

Why Should Apparel Businesses Use AIMS360 Cloud Hosting?

Here is list of few good reasons:

  • Productivity – Can access software and data from any client
  • No need for servers – No more hardware maintenance and upgrades
  • No server viruses – You are behind our firewalls and have the most advanced security
  • No data loss – We constantly backup your data on-site and off-site
  • When there are changes within your organization, easily scale up or down based on your needs with minimal costs
  • Internal IT staff can spend more time with employees for more productive activities such as software training/usage
  • Cloud hosting has the highest up-time availability
  • Stay up to date – AIMS performs routine operating system and software upgrades
  • Help the environment – Less computer component and electrical waste
  • And much more!

Save the headaches, reduce unnecessary expenses and increase your ROI!

Contact us today to learn more about our Cloud based software and other efficient features to help better run your business.

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