AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software – Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship Visits AIMS

This morning students from the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) visited us to learn more about what AIMS 360 apparel ERP software does as well as learn some tips for being a successful entrepreneur.

AIMS360′ Director of Training,  Scott Allen, and Chris Walia, Director of Business Development & Marketing  spoke to a class of about 17 students (grade school to high school) discussing various features of AIMS360, the development of the software in DOS, and how it has evolved to the latest version, AIMS360, on the .NET platform.

Scott Allen spoke candidly about his personal entrepreneurial adventure with his apparel line, NOTICE, the goals they set to become successful, the importance of business plans and having the drive to succeed.

Many of the children that visited have started their own little businesses focusing anywhere from apparel and accessories to lotions and hot dogs.  Following the discussion students were  tasked to go purchase something for $25 that is related to their business. They are going to learn how to do a markups and then will have to sell that product at a profit.  Rhonda Santifer, the children’s mentor, if giving the students $25 out of her pocket and the students will have to give her the first $25 back to her first and then can keep the profits.

We are proud of the students that are involved in this program and wish them and the mentors the best of success!

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