AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software – New "Private Collections" Added To AIMS WebLink

Don’t bore your customers or waist  their time by showing your entire collection, instead, show off what you know they will want to see and are more likely to purchase. At AIMS 360 we have added a new feature to WebLink called “Private Collections”. Now, you can easily create and display private assortments of hand-picked items specific to your marketing or customer’s needs. Within AIMS WebLink you can attach both public and private styles to any private collection. Once created, you can add Salesreps to the private collection which will in turn allow them to add or remove customers to the private collection view.

AIMS Customer’s – Follow these simple steps for creating and managing a “Private Collection”:

1. Creating a new private collection:

Creating a private collection is  similar to creating a normal collection. From the Collection screen, check the ‘Is Private Collection’ checkbox if you are creating a private collection.

2. Adding styles to the private collection:

You can attach both public and private styles to a private collection. You can’t attach styles marked as ‘private’ to the public collection. By default all of the styles that are displayed in WebLink are considered public.

You can mark styles as public/private in the quick style the management form.

3. Making a collection  public or private:

You can make an existing private collection public or vice versa.

4. Adding Salesreps and Customers to the private collection:

Once a private collection is created, the ‘Customers’ and ‘Salesreps’ tabs will be enabled for the private collection. Select the ‘Customers’ tab and add customers to whom you want to show the private collection. In the WebLink website, the private collection will be displayed only to those customers whom you have added to view the specific private collection.

Similarly, when a Salesrep logs into WebLink that has been given access to the private collection and selects a customer, the WebLink site will display all of the collections public or private, that the selected customer can see. Or, the salesrep may assign a private collection to any customer as needed based on your marketing requirements.

5. Adding Salesreps to the private collection:

Salesreps can be added to the private collection as well. Assigning a Salesrep to a collection will allow them to add or remove customers to any private collection where they have been given access.

Note: In upcoming versions of WebLink, we will add features so that a Salesrep can create a private collection from within the WebLink website (provided an admin has given them the access rights).

6. Search page in website:

When searching for styles, the WebLink application will search in all public and private styles available to the customer.

We hope these tips help. For more information about Private Collections or our AIMS 360 apparel ERP software, please contact us at or visit our website at

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