AIMS 360 EasyShop – Saddleback College Top E-Commerce Shopping Carts

At Saddleback College in Orange County, Lisa Elston taught the “APPAREL CART: FASHION RETAILING ONLINE WITH EASY CART SHOP” class. Students created an online store for their fashion business using AIMS 360’s Easy Shop, the premier online shopping cart for selling apparel products retail. The course covered building their online store with full web administration, credit card processing, secure customer shopping, and many other features specific to apparel.   It also included integration into the AIMS (Apparel Information Management Systems).

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Described and Defined the differences between an online business and a traditional shop.
  2. Described and Defined online retailing vocabulary.
  3. Entered a new style, swatch, or video in to the Easy Shop system.
  4. Created an online store using the Easy Shop software.
  5. Described how to integrate with Google and other search engines to market their site.

Here are the top 5 shopping cart winners that received AIMS Certification Training Certificates:

Marian Drum: Nestle Monai: Misty Orzechowski:

Jazmin Redic Sosan Sayad:

Congratulations to the top students from Saddleback College.

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