AIMS 360 Empowerment Day Empowers All!

AIMS360 reveals ecosystem and innovations in fashion ERP software, information about accounting, whole-sale shopping cart (B2B), retail shopping cart (B2C), EDI; including partner-integrated solutions from SPS, JOOR, and ShopTheFloor.

AIMS 360 hosted their first annual Empowerment Day last week on May 17th at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles. The event was at capacity with close to 200 reputable customers and prospects. Attendees of the event learned about key features within the AIMS360 system and the importance of integrated solutions with partners that specialize in retail ecommerce shopping carts, order taking apps, and EDI.

The event kicked off with a keynote welcome from Shahin Kohan, President of AIMS360, and his vision of the software. The AIMS360 team enlightened the audience with their roadmap to success. Users learned about solutions that can solve their everyday struggles. The team walked around during the scheduled breaks, introducing themselves and putting a face to the customers that they have supported for years. The attendees had a sense of comfort with the team especially after they had a chance to speak with AIMS 360 experts who offered ideas and feedback for taking their business to the next level.

“At this day and age, in which communications is done through technology, it is important to go back to our roots and put a face to the people solving our everyday problems.” said Sivan Bendavid, VP of Sales at AIMS360. Even those not currently using the AIMS360 system felt genuinely comfortable after meeting the team and highly considered getting on board and using their software.

A sense of great achievement came from the AIMS360 team throughout the event. They provided strong content, the accessibility to networking, and entertainment throughout the day. The moments in which the attendees were able to network with one another and socialize at the event gave them confidence in taking everything they could get out of the event and apply it to their business strategy. Attendees met new faces as well as key industry resources while enjoying the great food and entertainment.

AIMS360 provided many activities at the event such as delicious In-n-Out burgers freshly served from the In-n-Out truck, to wine, cheese, and cupcakes provided by Soul Cups. The entertainment was an addition to the greatly planned presentations that were available to the attendees.

Scott Allen, head of Customer Success at AIMS360, spoke with great excitement while describing the benefits of the AIMS360 system. Attendees were completely engaged with his words, and gave no time to distractions.

The presentations included a Q & A session in which the audience participated. Enjoying the Q & A session, they were able to ask questions regarding their everyday problems and how AIMS360 could resolve them. The AIMS team communicated their presence profoundly towards their audience showing them how important customer service is to them. By showing their extensive knowledge of the industry and answering intricate questions, they proved their ability to solve business issues with the right features, tools, and guidance.

“I give nothing but praise to them. Their level of detail and content was as if they were doing it for ten years! The presentations were compelling, lively, and had enough substance to feed the audience. The social environment was great, and I am sure we all know how great the power of socialization can be. It was a great opportunity to meet diverse people and customers. You built it and now they will come!” said Armando Varela from a partner company CiTech.

The fact that AIMS360 has built strong partnerships with the best resources in the industry makes AIMS360 the leading fashion business software in the industry. AIMS360 integrates with Shopify, Package Bee, JOOR, NuOrder, and more. Speakers at the event also included partners from SPS, JOOR, and Shop The Floor. JOOR presenters included Jasmine Wu, and Kristen Lange. SPS presenters included the SPS Commerce Team. Shop The Floor presenters included Vince Tsai who is the SVP & General Manager.

AIMS 360 gained great feedback after presentations from customers about understanding the services and learning additional features of the system. The Empowerment Day event turned out to be a great success for not only AIMS360 but the attendees as well. We hope to see you there next year!

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Written by:
Isabelle Levi, Creative Marketer at AIMS 360


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