AIMS Commitment

Shahrooz Kohan - AIMS360 COOAIMS 360 is not only a software, it is a community of committed apparel industry experts working together. For over 30 years, AIMS, together with its customers and partners, has mastered the knowledge and technology for the fashion industry.

We offer tech-savvy products and solutions that address the fashion industry’s needs. AIMS 360 continuously strives to deliver our customers the best software solution in the industry by evaluating customer feedback and reinvesting resources.

Our products and services are constructed to be superior in efficiency, reliability, user friendliness, and provide maximum return on investment. We at AIMS know that offering you exceptional consulting, training and support will provide the tools and visibility to reinforce your efforts to stay relevant and competitive in this fast paced and ever evolving industry.

AIMS ecosystem will help you work smarter, not harder. Join our community today and be part of the growth.


Shahrooz Kohan