AIMS Joins 'Protect California Jobs & Innovation' Coalition

In an effort to raise awareness about unfair competition and lost jobs in California from illegal information technology and intellectual property theft, AIMS Technology Solutions has joined the Protect California Jobs & InnovationCoalition.  The coalition is comprised of California businesses, manufacturers, innovators, software and hardware solutions providers, workers, and individuals concerned about unfair competition and lost jobs from the use of stolen information technology.

Global IT theft is $60 billion problem, and this effort will increase awareness that using stolen information technology is a serious concern in our state.  California businesses are hurt by losses in jobs, sales and market share, as well as lost revenue to the State of California. The coalition will work to ensure IT intellectual property rights receive the protection they need and deserve.

“Stealing I.T. is harmful to the industry and our state,” said Henry Cherner president of the Los Angeles based AIMS Technology Solutions, Inc.  “As a California-based company, we have a right and responsibility to fight piracy. It’s one of the reasons why we are selective as to where we sell our software.”

California’s IT industry is crucial to California’s economic recovery and consequently, AIMS Technology Solutions, Inc., along with Protect California Jobs and Innovation, is committed to help craft a solution in the necessary fight against piracy. Click here to view the anti-piracy Facebook page.

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