Customer Support

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority!

AIMS is committed to giving our clients “5 star” support.  In order to achieve this level of service, our support reps meet the following minimum standards:

– Are AIMS certified
– Years of in-depth industry & apparel business knowledgeratings-v5
– Used AIMS in the field at well established apparel companies
– Technical skills to resolve high-level issues

We collect feedback from customers regularly.  Submit feedback to: 

How to Use AIMS Support


You MUST be registered with the Zendesk Helpdesk before submitting a new issue.


About AIMS 360 Support Process

Here at AIMS your business is our #1 priority. The Support Department can help you with instructional videos, answers to questions and other problems encountered. AIMS can also help you with training, IT work, research, data manipulation, and consulting services.

Issues not related to AIMS such as hardware, networking, or other software products should be reported to the appropriate vendor. We can recommend skilled and reliable hardware and networking technicians when needed.

Billable Support

Please review your contract and our “EULA” for information on which services are included for your account.

AIMS will never charge to correct problems caused by bugs or defects in the software.

Instructions for Creating a Support Account

Register for the AIMS Support System through the AIMS360 software in the Setup > Users screen.  Click here for detailed instructions.

Online Support

Most problems can be promptly resolved – without the need for a technician to visit your office – through secure remote, online access to your AIMS system. If our technicians cannot correct your issue in this manner, AIMS has a built-in function that allows you to send an encrypted copy of your data files directly to our office, where we can attempt to replicate and fix your problem.

Payment Terms

Here at AIMS we make payments simple. Payment for support contracts are due at the beginning of the contract term. Clients who report an issue, but have not yet paid their contract fees, will be asked to remit payment in full before the problem is resolved.

Response Times

We know your business is important. Here at AIMS we strive for the fastest response time. Response times are subject to priority, call volumes and other factors. Please review your contract for details.

In the event of an emergency, such as a system that is down or is performing in a way that is preventing your organization from conducting business, please use our emergency form. Indicate the details in your correspondence so we can give your issue top priority.

Software Updates

Customers using the hosted cloud version of AIMS are automatically updated to the latest and greatest version of AIMS. Other clients can access software updates at no cost through our downloads page.