New AIMS360 Features – Business Intelligence | Grid Notification Colors | Sales Rep Commissions | Order Details | Interface Enhancements

It’s been a really busy time for AIMS Development!

AIMS360 is one of the most sophisticated apparel ERP software systems in the industry and we strive to add new features regularly.

Here are some new features which are exclusive to the AIMS360 system:

Business Intelligence Reporting
DashBoardGraph2 -2ALL your data at your fingertips!  Build your own tables with ANY data point in your database.  No need to move data to Excel, create and manipulate directly in the AIMS360 system!

GridColors 2Grid Notification Colors
The grid notification colors were originally added to AIMS360 for use with the dashboard features.  Based on Customer feedback, we have added this to our regular AIMS360 grids.  Now use grid notification colors to enhance order processing, invoices, and coming soon to WIP.

Sales Rep Commission By Division
You now have the option to pay Sales Rep commissions by division.

Enhanced Order Details
Want to see the details of your orders and key reports within AIMS360?  We have enhanced our Order Grid to give you new Detail features so that you can view each style and color on separate line.  Breakdown styles per order switching your view and easily filter and sum line items.

User Interface Enhancements

Tab Display 2

Maximize your efficiency while working in AIMS360.  Our ‘Tabs’ now display the Customer code and invoice or order number information making it easy to know what orders or invoices you are working on and switch between various tabs.

To read and learn more about these features, click here.

If you have any questions about these features or any others, please contact your Account Adviser today!

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