It’s not the specific features that make AIMS360 the best fashion software in the world.

It’s the way it makes running your fashion business easier, faster, more seamless and integrated, ultimately giving you the tools and perspective you need to bring your beautiful vision to life.


Maintain control of your entire business with ultimate visibility and access.

Fashion is an incredibly complex, always-moving, and always-evolving ecosystem.

Running a successful and sustainable business in fashion requires control.

AIMS360, the most powerful fashion ERP app in the world, gives you that control.

So that you can do things like...

See and manage your entire business in one place

Access all of your information at a moment's notice

Never lose track of inventory

Say goodbye to chargebacks


Gain thousands of hours back to focus on what matters most.

Time can mean success or failure: go-to-market, sales opportunities, seasonality, you name it.

AIMS360, a robust and comprehensive ERP app gives you time back.

Time back is money earned, money to put towards investing in the growth of your business.

So that you can do things like...

Hire a new sales representative or expand production

Close that Norstrom’s deal

Go to NYFW for the latest trends

Open a couple bottles of wine for inspiration


Lead every engagement with confidence and clarity because you know the answers

Knowledge is power. And knowing confidently means staying ahead.

Fashion moves at the speed of thought and you need the information and answers to make the right decisions.

So that you can do things like...

Ensure that your product will be made and shipped properly the first time

Know when something happens, you’re covered

Win that investor pitch meeting

Make real-time decisions and call audibles at the blink of an eye


Acuire a partner who will be there every step of the way – through thick and thin.

Partnership is 4AM. It’s no questions asked and having your back. It’s circumstance-agnostic.

It’s knowing how to exactly overcome the issue the first time. No surprises because we planned for this.

But most of all, partnership is the trust that tells you none of this needs to be said at all. Because we know what it takes.

So that you can do things like...

Navigate the waters of scaling your business

Have a teammate who has been there before

Handle situations when they inevitably arise

Have the best technical support in the industry when it matters most

The benefits of joining the AIMS360 family are truly endless.

We welcome you today to transform your business with us!

Now, let’s take a look at the wealth of features.