Work Smarter, not Harder

AIMS360 offers the most efficient and professional way to organize and manage shipment processes for fashion enterprise resource planning (ERP). While these processes can often be an arduous, time consuming, and costly task, our software makes the process easy.  With customer Shipping Templates and Batch Processing and Batch Printing features, it’s even easier, saving your company time and money.
AIMS360 is the world’s premier ERP software for fashion industry professional. We’re committed to creating the best tools for businesses of all sizes, from large manufacturers to boutique apparels. We leverage constantly evolving technology on a cloud based platform, and our deep experience in the fashion industry, which makes us a partner who understands your unique needs.
Shipping Template Feature
With more and more vendors being asked to join major retailer dropship programs, the shipping templates and batch processes in AIMS makes this process a more streamlined simplified process. Creating shipping templates for your EDI customers will allow you to support third party shipping, freight collect, and multiple shipper account numbers for your direct to consumer shipments. This feature, along with AIMS360’s unique ability to batch generate UPS/FedEx shipping labels, allows for faster and accurate processing to help you meet your labeling and shipping requirements.
Batch Processing and Printing Feature
Whether you are shipping major retailers, shipping direct to consumer, or just processing shipping for everyday customer orders, the batch processes and printing features in AIMS makes short work of this normally time consuming process.  With a few clicks you can select and process hundreds of orders, creating rules based shipments, printing manifests, batch generating and printing your UPS/FedEx labels, and processing of all EDI shipment related documents.  The time savings of these processes can only be measured in increased productivity, allowing your business to meet the new shipping demands of today and the future.
AIMS360 is always working to ensure you have the most agile and effective software to maintain the order and speed your business requires. From detailed templates that link to vendors and shipping companies, to the ability to easily print hundreds of labels for drop ship orders, we work to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed and grow in an intense and ever-changing industry.
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