We make one thing:
the best fashion business software in the world.

We could tell you about its hundreds of fantastic features.

But instead we’ll share with you how it will completely transform the way you run your business.


We empower companies of all sizes.
(our platform is truly built to scale)
Our Mission:
To provide you with the most effective tools and support to grow and enrich your business.
Meet AIMS360

Cheryl Zegarra, 


A seasoned fashion industry professional, Cheryl brings her passion, wealth of experience and deep understanding to AIMS360 every day.

Join our family to harness the power of cutting-edge technology and a partner fluent in the language of fashion.

Meet AIMS360

Scott Allen, 

Customer Success Leader

Scott loves working with our clients to create a plan to ensure they know how to use AIMS360 from the very first day.

The future of fashion is very bright. Together, we will share your light with the world.

Join the Aims360 Family

Meet AIMS360

Sivan Bendavid, 

Account Hero

Sivan helps our clients understand the power of our software and figure out the best plan for them.